International Working Group on Satellite Emergency Mapping (IWG‐SEM)

The International Working Group on Satellite-based Emergency Mapping (IWG-SEM) is a voluntary group of organizations involved in satellite-based emergency mapping. It was founded in order to improve cooperation, communication and professional standards among the global network of satellite-based emergency mapping providers. The chairperson of the group is nominated for a term of one year and is responsible for organizing the monthly telecons and bi-annual meetings. The current chair is from Paris-Lodron-University Salzburg Department of Geoinformatics Z_GIS / Spatial Services Ltd.
The group meets twice a year in person, at venues arranged by meeting participants. These meetings are forums for reviewing what has been accomplished to date and to define the steps forward. The regular monthly teleconferences are held to monitor progress on actions and for discussions on particular matters of interest to the group.