ASRA launches Principles for Systemic Risk Response

The recently formed Accelerator for Systemic Risk Assessment (ASRA) under the United Nations Foundation has launched their Principles for Systemic Risk Assessment and Response. ASRA was founded to address the notable knowledge gap regarding systemic and transboundary risk. As our world becomes more interconnected, our knowledge about emerging polycrisis that are interrelated across ecological , socio-economic, technological, and political systems are slowly becoming more developed, but it is not nearly to the level it needs to be to address the rapid rate at which crises are occurring. To contribute to the emerging field of systemic risk analysis, and to help leaders and practitioners alike, ASRA have developed a set of principles to redefine our understanding of risk, accelerate awareness of the risks we face, and guide transformative action. The Principles are a diagnostic tool that can be used to identify where a current practice, approach, or regime related to systemic risk falls short and how it should be improved. The short publication ASRA has provided includes an overview of their Principles, ranging from recognizing universal responsibility between each other and embracing multi-discipline knowledge, as well as a step-by-step guide on how to apply such principles when managing systemic risk.